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School Bus Cookies

Dear School Bus Cookies Campaign Participant:

Thank you for your interest in the SCHOOL BUS COOKIES CAMPAIGN. School Bus Cookies are the latest unique offering designed to maximize profits for your fundraising efforts. You have made a superb choice in deciding to make School Bus Cookies your fund-raising choice.

These tasty gourmet cookies in its attractive packaging will be the envy of other groups and organizations. Our national survey shows they are already a big hit! Cookies have always been a guaranteed money-maker with over 98% of households purchasing cookies daily. Your group will make greater sales and more profits, thus limiting your fund-raising effort to an annual event.

We are personally committed to working with your group in establishing your goals while complying with all program requirements. Your success will depend on following our simple approach in executing your campaign.

We can help you realize your goals and guarantee that every box will be made to standards cited on the ingredient labels, arrive in good condition, and ready for sale when you take delivery.

We have provided a simple approach outlining ordering information, frequently asked questions, fund-raising tips, price structures, and marketing ideas. We have also included tips for “children’s safety” if parents choose to involve them in the campaign.

We are delighted to partner with your group as we have FUN while realizing amazing PROFITS. Remember, we are only a phone call away as your group takes the little “yellow school bus” filled with our delicious cookies to new heights!